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EAC trains students for a career as a medical assistant

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EAC trains students for a career as a medical assistant

By Lori Dugan

THATCHER, AZ—EAC’s Medical Assistant certificate just got a lot easier to obtain with three of its required classes being offered online this summer: basic healthcare concepts and skills, medical terminology, and math for medications. For students who are eager to get a jump on some of the required classes, summer online classes will be ideal. Each are designed for completion in seven to eight weeks and can be accomplished entirely online from anywhere there’s Internet access. Regular tuition applies for summer sessions and there are no additional fees to enroll in web courses.

If a more traditional classroom setting is your style, these same courses will be offered again this fall on campus and online along with many other courses required for certification as a medical assistant.

“This is a two- to three-semester program that prepares students to enter the medical field as a professional medical assistant earning a starting wage of approximately $11 an hour,” said EAC instructor Jo-Ann Draper.

The certificate program requires 30-34 credit hours of coursework in the areas of basic health care concepts, basic life support, medical terminology, math for medications, human body in health and disease, administrative competencies, clinical competencies, phlebotomy and clinical laboratory, and an externship which can be accomplished through a partnership between the College and several local doctor’s offices and clinics.

Successful completion of the Medical Assistant program at EAC arms its graduates with certification in a profession that is in high demand.

“Our graduates generally have employment lined up before they graduate,” said Draper. “And for people who want to work in healthcare but also want the traditional Monday through Friday, 8 to 5 job, becoming a medical assistant is the answer!”

For more information about EAC’s Medical Assistant certificate, contact advisers Dr. Mayuree Siripoon at 428-8396 or Dr. Robert Richman at 428-8213, or instructor Jo-Ann Draper at 428-8363.