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EAC commemorates Memorial Day

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EAC commemorates Memorial Day

By Todd Haynie

THATCHER, AZ—When it comes to the many sacrifices of the country’s veterans, Eastern Arizona College does its part to honor their memory. The College commemorated Memorial Day with a traditional wreath on display at the Memorial Bell Tower on the College’s Middle Campus in Thatcher. Members of the VFW Post 10385 in Thatcher laid the wreath Monday morning. Also, at the close of day on Friday, May 23, College staff raised a flag in tribute veterans with the words, “All gave some. Some gave all.” The flag flew all weekend long.

The flag belongs to Mike Gotch, the College’s plant engineer and a veteran of the Vietnam War.

“The EAC Memorial Bell Tower has a bronze plaque depicting veterans from various historical eras,” said EAC President Mark Bryce. “There is also another bronze plaque that contains these words:

In memory of our veterans who sacrificed, suffered, fought, and died for the cause of liberty. Because of our veterans, the students of Eastern Arizona College enjoy the blessing of freedom to obtain an education and live in happiness.”

“Last September, the College formally dedicated the Tower and these plaques as a permanent honor and memorial to our veterans. In addition, each Memorial Day and Veterans Day, a wreath is placed in honor and remembrance of these veterans. We shall never forget,” concluded Bryce.