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Discovery Park Campus seeks interest in potential greenhouse classes

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Discovery Park Campus seeks interest in potential greenhouse classes

THATCHER, AZ— Based on the growing interest in home gardening, new water use regulations, and the Master Gardeners program, EAC’s Discovery Park Campus is exploring the possibility of expanding the College’s agricultural offerings to include classes in “Contained Agriculture,” primarily greenhouse techniques.

The Gila Valley public is invited to provide input and recommendations to Discovery Park Campus Dean Harry Swanson at 428-6260, or by e-mail at .

Part of EAC’s mission is to “provide quality higher education with accountability to its stakeholders for educational results, fiscal responsibility, and cultural development.” This is the public’s opportunity to actively participate in that process.

“The first step in this discovery process is to conduct a needs assessment,” explained Swanson. “Such an assessment will attempt to predict the number of potential students, the topics to be covered, program costs, program outcomes, availability of community and business support, and anticipated life of the program.”

Individuals with information on these agriculture or greenhouse gardening topics, or those who would be interested in participating in such a program, are encouraged to contact Swanson.

“This program needs assessment will only continue if there is a demonstrated desire by area residents,” said Swanson, “and the public can let us know of their interest by giving us a call.”