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EAC to offer English Literature I online this spring

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EAC to offer English Literature I online this spring

By Jeanné Clark

THATCHER, AZ—Eastern Arizona College’s Communicative Arts Division recently announced that it will be offering English Literature I (ENG 221, section 1019) for the first time as an online class in the Spring 2009 semester, which starts January 9th.

English Literature Icovers English Literature from the pre-middle ages up until the 18th century, including such classics as Beowulf, The Canterbury Tales, Paradise Lost, and the works of Shakespeare. This class fulfills humanities and intensive writing requirements needed for graduation.

Peter Chidester, who teaches both the face-to-face and online sessions of ENG 221, says, “This period in English literature is great—there’s battles, beauties, monsters, and mayhem, all held together with a bit of magic and a few bawdy jokes. And you’ll even be able to understand the jokes in Monty Python’s The Holy Grail!”

To register for this class, contact the Records and Registration Office at 428-8270 or register online at