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EAC to offer classes in Excel and PowerPoint designed to prepare for Office 2007 certifications

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EAC to offer classes in Excel and PowerPoint designed to prepare for Office 2007 certifications

By Jeanné Clark

THATCHER, AZ—Eastern Arizona College’s Computer Department is offering two different series of short term computer classes this spring on Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint. This is the first semester that these workshops will be offered using the newest version of Office 2007.

“In these classes, students will learn to effectively use Excel and PowerPoint,” says Lydia Mata, EAC computer instructor and instructor for both sets of classes. Each series consists of three half-credit classes: a beginning, an intermediate, and an advanced, which are designed to be taken in succession. The classes begin with the basics of each program and end with advanced tools that students can use to create business and personal spreadsheets or presentations.

“I recommend that students start with the beginning class, even if they already have some experience with the program,” says Mata. “There are a lot of new features in Office 2007 that I want students to know about, and so starting with the beginning class will ensure that they are up-to-date with everything.”

The first series, Microsoft Excel 2007, will be taught Monday and Tuesday nights from 5:30 to 9 p.m. The beginning class, CMP 110X (section #7072), will be held on March 2 and 3; the intermediate, CMP110Y (section #7071), on March 16 and 17; and the advanced, CMP 110Z (section #7070), on March 30 and 31. In these workshops, students will learn to create spreadsheets using skills such as manipulating and formatting data into a spreadsheet, creating and modifying formulas for use in worksheets, creating visuals such as charts and graphs, and sharing and securing data.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2007, the second series of classes, will be taught Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. The beginning class, CMP 110AD (section #7186), will be held on March 28; the intermediate, CMP110AE (section #7185), on April 11; and the advanced, CMP 110AF (section #7184), on April 25. By the end of the series, students will be able to create presentations that include slide masters, animations, images, tables, and SmartArt.

Each series is designed to prepare students for the Microsoft Certified Application Specialist (MCAS) tests on the Office 2007 programs, targeting the objectives for MCAS certification. “MCAS is an official Microsoft certification that looks excellent on a résumé,” says Mata. “Many employers are looking for these types of certifications in potential employees.”

MCAS, formerly known as MOS, demonstrates to employers that employees meet globally recognized performance standards and are able to work productively and efficiently with the latest technology. “This is a highly sought after qualification,” continues Mata. “After completing one of the workshop series, if a student is interested in taking the test, they can come to me and we’ll work out the details. Though there is a fee of $75 per test, the certification really pays off when you’re looking for a job.” She adds that it is not mandatory to take these classes before testing—if anyone is ready to test now, they can do so by contacting her.

To register for any or all of these classes, call EAC’s Records and Registration Office at 428-8270, or visit Gila Hank Online at Regular tuition and fees apply. Students age 55 and over qualify for EAC’s Senior Citizen Tuition Scholarship which covers the full cost of in-state tuition. However, in many cases, current EAC students can add these classes to their schedule at no additional cost.

No books are required for this class. Students should plan to meet at the High Technology Center, (room #116 for the Excel series and room #113 for the PowerPoint series) on the Thatcher Campus on the days of the classes.

For more information about these classes or the MCAS certification, contact Mata at 428-8383.