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EAC Business Department to offer a variety of Summer I classes

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EAC Business Department to offer a variety of Summer I classes

By Jeanné Clark

THATCHER, AZ—Eastern Arizona College’s Business Department is offering a variety of classes for the Summer I semester, including several online classes. Taught by instructors Tammy Campbell and Derek Rich, these three-credit classes are all transferable to the university level and count for general education credit for most majors.

The first of these classes, Macroeconomics (BUA 221), will be offered as both an online class and an on-campus class. Both sections will be taught by Tammy Campbell. “This class covers aggregates of the entire economy, national income analysis, business cycles, money and banking systems, the global economy, and fiscal and monetary policy,” says Campbell. Students interested in registering for the online version of the class should sign up for section number 7197. The on-campus version of the class, section number 6044, will be held Monday through Thursday from 11 to 11:55 a.m. in South Campus Room #5.

Campbell will also be the instructor for one other online class, Microeconomics (BUA 223, section #7196). “This is the first time this class has been offered as an online class over the summer,” she says. “Students will learn about demand, supply, and equilibrium, the elasticity of supply and demand, consumer behavior and cost, monopolies, labor unions, international finance, and many other topics.”

The remainder of these Summer I business classes will be taught by Derek Rich. Rich will be the instructor for Human Relations (BUS 251, section #7193), Introduction to Business (BUA 101, section #7195), and Business Mathematical Calculations (BUS 111, section #7194), none of which have previously been taught as online classes over the summer.

“Each of these classes teaches students valuable skills that they will need to succeed in the business world,” says Rich. “Human Relations is essential for understanding your communication style, building self-esteem, and developing a professional presence. Introduction to Business covers business trends, business ownership, marketing, how economics affects business, and a variety of other topics. Finally, Business Mathematical Calculations teaches students the math they need to know to understand the business world—including payroll, interest, annuities, stocks and bonds, taxes, financial statements, and business statistics.”

For more information about any of these classes, contact Rich at (928) 428-8432 or Campbell at (928) 428-8423. To register for these classes, contact the EAC Records and Registration Office at (928) 428-8270 or register online at