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Criminal Investigation courses to be offered as two-semester sequence at EAC

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Criminal Investigation courses to be offered as two-semester sequence at EAC

By Todd Haynie

THATCHER, AZ—Anyone interested in learning the techniques of crime scene investigation can take Criminal Investigation (AJS103, Section #1015) this fall at Eastern Arizona College. The course, which can be taken by Administration of Justice majors or as an elective by anyone with an interest in the topic, teaches the basics of criminal investigations including preliminary investigation, processing a crime scene, and conducting interviews and interrogations.

Criminal Investigation, taught by EAC’s Administration of Justice instructor Cornel Stemley, will also cover the methods for conducting a thorough preliminary investigation, how information is gathered and organized, how crimes against property and persons are investigated, search and seizure issues as they relate to conducting investigations, and proper methods of fingerprint identification and gathering.

“Learning the methods behind solving crimes gives students a realization of the mystery of the ‘why’ and ‘how’ crimes occur,” explained Stemley.

The class is the first in a two-course sequence of criminal investigations. Advanced Criminal Investigation (AJS203) will be taught in the spring and covers advanced investigation techniques using simulated field conditions.

To register, contact EAC’s Records and Registration Office at (928) 428-8270 or register online at

For more information about EAC’s Administration of Justice program, contact Stemley at (928) 428-8385. ###