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Art show at EAC

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Art show at EAC

By Lori Dugan

Thatcher, Arizona — The art of local pen and ink artist, Garry Monzingo, is now on display in the EAC’s Gherald L. Hoopes Jr. Activities Center. The show will run through the end of the semester (May 12).

Monzingo was born in Willcox in 1950, the youngest half of a set of identical twins. His grandparents on both sides are some of the pioneers who settled the Sulphur Springs Valley and still have roots there. For most of his life he has lived in Southern Arizona and now calls Safford home.

“I have always carried around paper and pencils in my travels,” said Monzingo, “and have sketched just about everything over the years.”

He started drawing the beautiful old missions around the Southwest after finding a picture of Tumacacori in a 1950 Arizona Highways magazine and became interested in how simple tools combined with a great love for one’s own religion can build these beautiful and everlasting monuments.

Most of Monzingo’s work begins with pencil and eraser and is finished with a fine-point pen. When asked if he’s been exposed to any formal training his jovial response was, “Yes. When I was supposed to be learning the three ‘R’s’ I was doodling instead.”

The community is invited to come by the Gherald L. Hoopes Jr. Activities Center Lobby to view the art, which is also for sale. Anyone who is interested in learning how to draw, paint, sculpt, or sketch at EAC, contact EAC’s Art Department at 428-8469. 30