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EAC’s Symphonic Choir class for those interested in community performing

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EAC’s Symphonic Choir class for those interested in community performing

By Todd Haynie

THATCHER, AZ—EAC’s Symphonic Choir has undergone some changes over the past few months. The one-credit class, taught by Mike Bradley, is geared toward anyone with an interest in singing in a community choir. “Whether you would like to improve your singing ability, or you have a professional voice and would like a place to use it, Symphonic Choir is for you,” explains Bradley.

Bradley sees the class as a ‘community choir’ where anyone 14 and older can join to learn and further their enjoyment of singing. “There’s a place for everyone,” says Bradley.

The choir will not perform in the College’s traditional “Fall Sing” and “Spring Sing” venues, but rather in other community events.

“We look for opportunities to perform in the community,” explains Bradley. “We want this group to serve the community and its needs. In fact, we work on a repertoire of folk, gospel and spiritual, and patriotic songs that give us the potential to perform at various events.”

Last year, the choir performed at the Graham County Fair and was a part of the College’s “Messiah” concert in December.

EAC’s Symphonic Choir (MUS133, section #1777) meets Tuesday evenings from 7-8:30 p.m. in the Choir Room (FA-111).

To register, contact the EAC Records and Registration Office at (928) 428-8270. Students 55 and over receive and in-state tuition waiver and, in many cases, full-time students can add this class to their existing schedules at no additional cost.