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EAC Photography students display work at Safeway

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EAC Photography students display work at Safeway

By Jeanné Clark

THATCHER, AZ—The work of several of Eastern Arizona College’s digital photography students is currently on display inside Safeway near the Starbucks kiosk.

These images, which represent a wide variety of styles and subjects, are gathered from the finished projects of students from EAC’s digital photography classes over the last school year. “These classes—Beginning Digital Photography (ART128) and Intermediate Digital Photography (ART228)—provide students with an introduction to the basics of digital photography,” says Tom Cicchelli, EAC’s photography instructor. “Students learn the use of the camera and the unique visual aspects of photographic vision. They acquire a set of language and conceptual skills that provide a basis for exploration in the medium.”

Cicchelli explains that upon completion of these courses, his students are able to understand the basic functions of the camera and how they are applied in order to change the appearance of the photographic image as well as evaluate lighting of subjects with respect to the equipment, technique, and materials being employed.

“In the time that I have been at EAC the level of student photography has improved dramatically and what the students produce is very exciting,” says Cicchelli. “Each semester a new group of people with fresh ideas and innovative perspectives on what photography can be brings creative inspiration to the program.”

For more information about the show or about photography classes at EAC, contact Cicchelli at (928) 428-8470.