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Learn more about the EAC Debit Card with Game Time

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Learn more about the EAC Debit Card with Game Time

THATCHER, AZ—Eastern Arizona College is improving the way it distributes funds to students! Financial aid refunds will now be available to students much faster through the new EAC Debit Card. Higher One, the company working with EAC to bring students the new card, has created a student group called Game Time. Gamers receive information about the EAC Debit Card before the rest of the student body so they can help educate their peers about the new program. When students register, they also get:

• Access to new products and promotions before other students

• The opportunity to provide feedback on new marketing and possible new products

• Contests with spectacular prizes like cash and travel

• The chance to submit their OneAccount tips and stories, and how they have spread the word for a chance to win a $50 iTunes gift card every month!

• Possible selection for the Higher One Student Advisory Board


Higher One is looking for students who make friends easily and enjoy talking about new experiences. For those that are interested, they are encouraged to join the team! To do so, students should click on the following link to register for Game Time: Once the welcome email is received, the student should take the student survey to complete registration!