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Simplify Your Life with an Easy Refund

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Simplify Your Life with an Easy Refund

By Todd Haynie

Thatcher, AZ – Eastern Arizona College has partnered with Higher One to provide disbursement services for refunds through the EAC Debit Card. Students will have more choice in how they receive refund money. The fastest choice for receiving any refund is an Easy Refund to the One Account.

What is a Refund? A refund is any money that Eastern Arizona College owes a student. Common reasons students may receive a refund include:

*Financial Aid overages from grants

*Dropped classes

*Tuition overpayment

How Do I Choose My Refund Preference? Every Eastern Arizona College students will receive an EAC Debit Card in the mail. The EAC Debit Card allows students to choose how they would like to receive any refund money owed them from EAC. Upon receiving the EAC Debit Card, they should visit to activate their refund preference.

What’s an Easy Refund? An Easy Refund is a direct deposit of a student’s refund money into an FDIC insured checking account call the “OneAccount,” offered by Higher One. The OneAccount is directly linked to the student’s EAC Debit Card, which is also a Debit MasterCard. With money in their OneAccount, students can make purchases with their EAC Debit Card wherever Debit MasterCard is accepted.

Why Choose an Easy Refund? There is no faster or more convenient way to receive a refund.

How Do I Get an Easy Refund? When activating the refund preference at, a student should simply choose the Easy Refund option.

Can I Change My Refund Preference to Easy Refund? Of course! Students can change their refund preference anytime by logging into their OneAccount at From the main menu bar, select “Financial Refunds” then “Refund Preferences.” Select Easy Refund and click the “Update Preferences” button.

For more information about this new method for receiving financial aid refunds, students and parents can visit or visit the EAC Fiscal Control Office in the Student Services Building.