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EAC Discovery Park Campus and Desert Sky Gazers present “Neptune”

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EAC Discovery Park Campus and Desert Sky Gazers present “Neptune”

By Jeanné Schaser

THATCHER, AZ—Eastern Arizona College’s Discovery Park Campus, in partnership with the Desert Sky Gazers amateur astronomy club, will present a free, family friendly slide show and lecture entitled “Neptune” on Saturday, February 27, at 6:30 p.m., in the Jupiter Room of Discovery Park Campus. Dave Etter, president of the Desert Sky Gazers, will describe the “Blue Giant” known as Neptune, the eighth planet from our sun.

“Neptune was discovered in 1846 as a result of mathematical calculations that indicated there should be another planet because of orbital perturbations noted in other planets known at the time,” explains Harry Swanson, dean of Discovery Park Campus. “Also called the ‘Ice Giant,’ Neptune is 30 times the distance from the sun as our own Earth. Distant, cold, and beautiful, Neptune is seen in a unique blue color that is caused by the presence of methane in its atmosphere. Of course, Neptune’s largest moon, Triton, has gained much fame lately because of recent photographs that appear to show lakes on its surface.”

“Neptune has the strongest sustained winds recorded anywhere in our solar system at over 1,300 miles per hour,” continues Swanson. “Having personally lived through a storm with sustained winds of 200 knots at the end of the Aleutian Chain, I simply can't imagine winds of that incredible speed! Please come out to hear Dave Etter—his lectures are always informative and entertaining.”

For more information about this event or about Discovery Park Campus, contact Swanson at (928) 428-6260.