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Electrical and Instrumentation Program Continues

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Electrical and Instrumentation Program Continues

Thatcher, AZ—Despite the sunset of the Occupational Training Center (OTC) partnership with Freeport-McMoRan Copper and Gold, Inc., Eastern Arizona College will continue to offer its associate degree program in Electrical and Instrumentation (E & I) Technology. “While the OTC was in operation, about 60% of the interest in the OTC was specifically in the E & I program,” said EAC Dean Mike Crockett. “We feel that the best thing to do for the region’s workforce is to continue E&I as a regular college program.”

Instructor Charles Smith, a 30-year veteran of the industry, will continue to lead the program. Although the work experience opportunities that were a part of the OTC will no longer be available, students can fund their participation in the program through regular scholarships and other financial aid, including PELL grants.

Among the beginning E&I courses offered this fall are ELT 110—Electricity and Electronics, ELT 111—DC Electrical Systems, ELT 112—AC Electrical Systems, and ELT 115—Conduits and Raceways. Registration information is available at Other questions about the Electrical and Instrumentation Technology program can be addressed to Crockett at 428-8215.