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Theatre Arts Department presents The Man in a Case and Interview

By Lori Dugan

THATCHER, AZ—Eastern Arizona College's Theatre Arts Department will present two plays, The Man in a Case and Interview, October 5-7, 2010, at 4 p.m., in EAC's South Campus Classroom 3. The plays are directed by EAC’s new Theatre Arts instructor, John Rice.

The Man in a Case by Wendy Wasserstein tells the story of two very different people who have fallen deeply in love. At the time of the play, their wedding is only four weeks away. But then, alas, a bicycle comes between them, and things change.

Interview,, by Jean-Claude Van Itallie, tells the story of people who really don’t care about other people. Four newly unemployed individuals find their way to an employment agency, where they seek to be saved from the fear and humiliation of having no job; but, of course, the interviewers do have jobs. As a result, they approach the applicants like an uncaring bureaucratic machine: just “workin’ from nine to five.”

Admission to the plays is free. For more information, contact Rice at (928) 428-8460.