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Lecture on historic Safford Basin at Discovery Park Campus

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Lecture on historic Safford Basin at Discovery Park Campus

By Stephanie Caffall

Thatcher, AZ—Join Eastern Arizona College for a lecture on “Prehistoric Agricultural Strategies of the Safford Basin,” at EAC’s Discovery Park Campus at 6:30 p.m. on Saturday, October 16, 2010. Admission is free to the public. The lecture will feature a presentation by Dr. James Neely, author and researcher of the Safford Basin.

Dr. Neely will use a Power Point presentation to display the prehistoric water management systems and fields that are still evident today including remnants of canals, ditches, and waterways. The lecture will also provide an interpretive description of their design and usage by those prehistoric agriculturists who lived here before us.

“The Safford Basin was evidently second only to the Phoenix Basin in the area of agriculturally utilized land in the prehistoric American Southwest. Also, [our] basin had what was probably one of the most complex, diversified, and intensely developed water management and irrigation systems of any area in southern Arizona,” explains Neely.

This presentation is suitable for all ages and families. There will be door prizes, tours of the Gallery and “History of Astronomy,” Space Shuttle “Polaris” simulator rides, as well as a public viewing of night sky objects through the 20-inch telescope. For more information, contact Paul Anger at (928) 428-6260.