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Bookstore offering textbook rentals

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Bookstore offering textbook rentals

By Lori Dugan

Thatcher, AZ—Getting an education costs more than ever before and textbooks are big ticket items. That’s why Eastern Arizona College’s campus bookstore is offering textbook rental through a new program called Rent-A-Text, saving students more than half off the retail sales price of their textbooks.

“Rent-A-Text began at a few college campuses in 2009 and quickly became a huge success serving over 700 schools nationwide,” says EAC’s Follet College Bookstore manager, Vicki Herbert. “And with Rent-A-Text, you pick up your rental textbooks at the bookstore instead of having them shipped, so there’s no waiting by the mailbox for them to show up. And there are no shipping costs either, which means more money in your pockets!”

According to the Follett Higher Education Group, the official partner of the EAC Bookstore, students nationwide saved approximately $320,305 last semester using Rent-a-Text when compared to the cost of buying new books.

“The most economical way to purchase textbooks is to buy used books and to resell them,” says Herbert. “However, used textbooks are not always available and they always run out first. With textbook rentals, we can offer an alternative to purchasing books outright.”

Students can rent either in the bookstore or online by signing a rental agreement and save about 50 percent on their books.

“And most important is that all normal wear and tear is acceptable and expected,” Herbert said. “We simply ask that books are returned in a usable condition for the next student.”

For more information about textbook rental at EAC’s bookstore, contact Herbert at (928) 428-8381, or visit the bookstore website at: