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Environmental Biology class invites participation in its Porcupine Project

By Lori Dugan

Thatcher, AZ—The Careers in Environmental Biology class at Eastern Arizona College has joined with the Arizona Game and Fish Department to conduct a research project intended to identify populations of porcupines throughout the state of Arizona, and members of the community are invited to help.

“We are gathering information on sightings and road kills of porcupine in Arizona,” says EAC biology instructor and coordinator for the project, Mike McCarthy. “We will be having porcupine claws from road kills checked for DNA, and the results will assist in determining specific populations of porcupines in the state. We have also set up an inactive porcupine map of the state to place your sightings on Facebook.”

Community members are encouraged to report any sightings of porcupine or a road kill of a porcupine to McCarthy’s office so that the information can be included in the research. He can be reached by telephone at 928-428-8257, or by e-mail at

“This is an exciting project. At one time porcupines were causing a lot of damage to the trees in Arizona because they eat the bark of the trees,” explains McCarthy. “Now there are very few sightings. We are trying to help find the reason for the decline.”