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FMI pledges to match donations for local student scholarships at EAC

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FMI pledges to match donations for local student scholarships at EAC

By Lori Dugan

Thatcher, AZ—The Freeport McMoRan Foundation in conjunction with the company’s Southeast Arizona Community Development Office announced Wednesday they will match all donations (up to a total of $25,000) made to the Eastern Arizona College Foundation for scholarships to local high school students through the end of 2011.

The EAC Foundation is currently building a scholarship that will cover tuition for college courses taken by recipients who are still in high school. Recipients must be attending a Graham County High School, complete the EAC Scholarship application, and exhibit financial need.

“Nationwide, studies show that students who take college courses during high school are much more likely to complete a bachelor’s degree than those who do not,” says EAC Foundation director, David Udall. “Yet, many high school students in our community do not have the finances to pay for these classes while in high school. This new scholarship seeks to help students get a great start so they can build skills and education that will bring a brighter future.”

The scholarship fund is an endowed scholarship. “These types of scholarships make awards from interest earnings and leave the principal intact to generate scholarships in perpetuity,” explained Udall.

Those who wish to help local students in need can double the impact of their gifts by sending donations to the EAC Foundation by December 31, or by visiting EAC Foundation and making their donation online.

FMI employees and employees of many other large corporations can also complete an additional matching form that triples the impact of their donation.

For more information, contact the EAC Foundation at (928) 428-8295 or