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Representatives Tom Forese and Brenda Barton visit EAC campus

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Representatives Tom Forese and Brenda Barton visit EAC campus

By Todd Haynie

Thatcher, AZ—

The chairman and vice chairman of the Arizona House Higher Education Committee, Tom Forese (District 21) and Brenda Barton (District 5), took a tour of EAC’s campus on Tuesday, September 6, 2011. Representative Forese brought with him research analysts from his committee, from the Senate’s Education Committee, the Governor’s Office of Strategic Budget and Planning, and the Joint Legislative Budget Committee.

After meeting with EAC President Mark Bryce and Executive Vice President Brent McEuen to discuss policy issues affecting community colleges in the state, the group took a tour of campus, which included a stop at the College’s new Nursing Education Center.

“We had a very productive meeting. EAC has been very patient for a long time in addressing the educational needs in the community, like four year degrees. Working diligently with all of the various stakeholders, we are looking at the paths we can take in support of higher education,” said Representative Barton of the visit. “EAC has a beautiful campus and they manage it well. It’s very impressive.”

The visit by Representatives Forese and Barton is a precursor to a planned visit to campus by additional members of the House Higher Education Committee in early November.