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Art Department invites you to view its Fall 2011 Art Show

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Art Department invites you to view its Fall 2011 Art Show

By Lori Dugan

Thatcher, AZ—Art Department invites you to view its Fall 2011 Art Show now hanging at Safeway, located in Thatcher. The free exhibit opened last week and will be available for viewing throughout this semester.

The work in this show was created by students in the EAC Graphic Design program. The classes, taught by Tom Cicchelli, include Graphic Design I, Digital Illustration, and Digital Imaging.

For this show, the Graphic Design I class created posters for products and events which were based on Russian Constructivist designs from the 1920s.

The Digital Illustration class created fantasy self-portraits using photographs and Adobe Illustrator software. Students were photographed in front of a white screen and the images were then traced in Illustrator and a fantasy background was added.

The Digital Imaging class used Adobe Photoshop to create fantasy landscapes. Images were downloaded from the web and collaged together to make an image based on a personal fantasy.

“We’ve put together another really great show for the community,” says Cicchelli, “and the students are proud to show their work.”

Cicchelli is quick to tout the merits of a community college graphic design program like EAC’s. “For much less than you’d pay at an art institute or similar school, my students get an education that’s just as good,” says Cicchelli. “Another perk of attending a college like EAC is that the class sizes are usually smaller, and thus each student gets more personalized instruction.”

The Graphic Design program at EAC is fully modern, with a full Mac lab. “We use the latest software programs and tools,” says Cicchelli. “The lab also contains new scanners and printers that we use on a daily basis with student projects.”

For more information about the art show or the EAC Graphic Design program, contact Cicchelli at (928) 428-8470.