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EAC Discovery Park Campus benefits from recent Eagle Scout projects

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EAC Discovery Park Campus benefits from recent Eagle Scout projects

By Lexi Heninger

Thatcher, AZ—Eagle Scout candidates DeWitt Evans of Venture Troop 5016 in Safford, and Wayne McBride of Venture Troop 5736 in Thatcher, recently completed projects at EAC’s Discovery Park Campus to fulfill their requirements to earn the rank of Eagle Scout.

Evans organized and led a group of about ten adult and youth volunteers to build two trails that lead from the upper facility buildings down to both the Discovery Park Pond and Circle-D Ranch House. “The two trails are an important addition to the current Discovery Park trail system,” says EAC Discovery Park Campus director, Paul Anger. “The trails provide a beautiful panoramic view of the lower Discovery Park Campus and an opportunity for visitors to discover several species of native plants as they pass by inhabited animal burrows, along with various anthropological sights.” The trails will be used extensively by students participating in habitat field trips, as well as visitors enjoying a pleasant stroll along the enchanting trails on the Discovery Park Campus.

McBride’s project was the restoration of “The Old Mule,” a small, underground mining locomotive donated to Discovery Park Campus in 1993 by the Phelps Dodge Mining Corporation, and the creation of an observation area around it. The project required removing debris from the engine, then sanding and repainting it with the original colors and design. McBride also created a gravel walkway where the locomotive can be easily observed from all sides, and placed a display sign to educate visitors about The Mule’s hard work and history in the mining of Eastern Arizona. “With the passing of time, this locomotive had faded and fallen into disarray. It was difficult to get close enough to effectively observe the little power plant,” says Anger. “We are grateful to both Evans and McBride for helping make Discovery Park a more enjoyable experience.”

EAC Discovery Park Campus offers a wide variety of opportunities for scouts to complete an Eagle Scout project on the campus. For more information please contact Paul Anger at (928) 428-6260.