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Nursing division receives donations from Gila Valley Veterans

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Nursing division receives donations from Gila Valley Veterans

By Lori Dugan

Thatcher, AZ—Members of the reestablished “Forty & Eight” organization, a charitable honor society of American wartime veterans, donated a hospital bed and wheelchair for use in the College’s nursing program last week.

“The bed is a home-care style hospital bed, which is useful for the program so that nurses in training will have greater experience in using various types of equipment when they graduate and move into the workforce,” said David Udall, Executive Director of the EAC Foundation and Alumni Association.

The club also donated a wheelchair to further assist the nursing program.

Carolyn McCormies was pleased to accept the donations from members of the Forty & Eight, giving them a tour of the new nursing program, and saying, “The nursing program would like to thank the Forty & Eight for their generous contribution. The assistance from our wonderful community partners helps us be a premiere nursing program in the state.”

Forty & Eight is an independent fraternal organization of wartime veterans. Established in 1920 by members of the American Legion, Forty & Eight’s founders based the organization on their military experiences in WWI France. The box car of the French railways, which carried forty men or eight horses to the front, is the symbol of the organization.

Forty & Eight’s Child Welfare program was founded in 1923 to help children in physical distress. In the 1930s, the Forty & Eight lead a national effort to inoculate every child against Diphtheria, bearing the expense for thousands of destitute American Children.

The Forty & Eight organization’s main goals are to provide child welfare, nursing scholarships, and medical research for leprosy and tuberculosis.

Those interested in learning more about the Forty & Eight can contact Steve Oller at (928) 428-2851.

If you’d like to help our nursing students in their challenging path to becoming registered nurses, please contact David Udall at the Eastern Arizona College Foundation at (928) 428-8295.