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EAC offering new Yoga and Chi Gong courses this summer

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EAC offering new Yoga and Chi Gong courses this summer

By Lexi Lee

Thatcher, AZ—Eastern Arizona College will offer several new Yoga and Chi Gong classes this summer beginning with session one and picking up again for session two.

Summer I classes will begin May 29 and run through June 29, 2012, while Summer II classes will begin July 2 and run through August 3, 2012. Both summer sessions will include offerings in Beginning and Advanced Yoga with sections that emphasize ball fitness, and Beginning Chi Gong. For section numbers, times and locations of each course, please visit the EAC online class schedule at:

?Yoga and Chi Gong are physical, mental, and spiritual disciplines,? says Alissa Hill, instructor of the courses. ?These are practiced through the performance of poses or postures, each of which has specific physical benefits. Yoga utilizes stretches and poses that increase strength and flexibility while focusing on breath, stamina and alignment. Chi Gong uses breathing techniques and gentle movement to strengthen and build better health and a tranquil state of mind.?

Chi Gong traces its ancient origins through martial arts from China and India and popularized by the Shaolin Monks. ?Chi means life force or life energy and Gong means work or benefits acquired through practice,? says Hill. ?It is not a physically demanding class and it can be adapted easily to any fitness level, including those with disabilities.?

To register for this or any other EAC class, visit; call the Records and Registration Office at 428-8270; or come by in person to 615 N. Stadium Avenue in Thatcher during regular business hours.