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EAC introduces a new Communication Studies degree program this fall

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EAC introduces a new Communication Studies degree program this fall

By Lexi Lee

Thatcher, AZ—Eastern Arizona College is pleased to announce a new Communication Studies degree program, available this fall.

This program, headed by EAC instructor and Communication Studies Department head, Gayle E. Houser, will help students prepare for admission to communication major programs at most universities. The coursework also prepares students to study, organization/business communication, public relations, human relations, pre-law, and pre-divinity school, and can be a benefit to individuals interested in public studies.

“Communication Studies is a good fit for those desiring to continue on to graduate work after completing the BS/BA at a university,” says Houser.

For the returning student, the course work is designed to strengthen skills for the workplace, and increase communication skills. “By studying who, how, when, and why people communicate, students will have a greater understanding of the world around them,” Houser explains. “They will be better prepared to engage in, and understand, the reasons for success in their interactions with others.”

Houser graduated from NAU in Speech Communication with an extended major in Interpersonal and Family Communication. She received her master’s degree in Speech Communication from Auburn University. Houser has taught for 20 years in higher education, and before coming to EAC, she taught full-time at NAU as a senior lecturer, Utah State University as a lecturer, and Ball State University as an instructor, and created the Human Communication Section of the Western Social Sciences Association.

Courses for the Communication Studies degree include: Introduction to Human Communication (COM100), Introduction to Interpersonal Communication (COM115), Basic Communication Theory (COM200), Public Speaking (COM201), Survey of Communication Research (COM205), Interviewing (COM215), Introduction to Intercultural Communication (COM260), Small Group Communication (COM271), and Independent Study (COM 299).

For more information about the new Communication Studies degree call Houser, or to sign up for classes, call EAC’s Records and Registration Office at 428-8270, or visit the college online at