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EAC students attend PBL Regionals

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EAC students attend PBL Regionals

By Lori Dugan

Thatcher, Ariz—Members of Eastern Arizona College’s Phi Beta Lambda (PBL) chapter joined counterparts in Tempe earlier this month from around the state at the Fall Phi Beta Lambda Association Leadership Conference, hosted by Arizona State University. A seminar on negotiating was also provided to the attendees.

Zach Barnes, EAC’s Phi Beta Lambda president, took first place in “Impromptu Speaking” and third in “Accounting Principles.” Jared Blivens, EAC Phi Beta Lambda chapter member, took second place in “Microeconomics” and “Impromptu Speaking.”

Zack reported to the EAC chapter that the State PBL officers have partnered with Vanguard, a large investment corporation, to provide internship opportunities for PBL students statewide.

Then, on October 24, the EAC PBL Chapter and the Business Division hosted their first dodge ball tournament. Twenty teams competed in the double elimination tournament. Spectators enjoyed the hard throwing fast dodging and quick catching play provided by the Hicks from the Sticks, Geezers in Shorts, Suns Out Guns Out and other very uniquely named teams. Highlights included the team Ruffins youngest member, 9-year-old Jenny Griffin, holding her own on the court against five men.

Dodge ball medals with EAC colors were presented to team BTA consisting of Dylan Shiraki, Brooks Trujillo, Matt Mclean, Darzil Washington and Licley Luck for Third Place. Team Swag, Crycen Campbell, Lawrence Chavez, Jarron Monroe, Erik Barriga and Ceric Ferguson were awarded Second place. First place went to team Flying Devil Donkey Swimmers members were Tyler Deneweth, Cory, Robby, Preston Merrill and Mike.

The most unique team name went to Geezers in Shorts whose team consisted of Phil Oliver, Chaz Pease, Jeremy Waite, Ivan Brown, and Jeff Brown. A very special thank you goes out to Danny Battraw, with the Student Life Office, for helping Mike Fox and Greg Watson, who are EAC Business instructors, referee. Dr. Derek Rich, EAC Business instructor, was instrumental in keeping the brackets updated with few pauses in the night. Forty-five games were played in 2 hours. Sportsmanship was demonstrated among all groups involved making it a fun event. The EAC PBL chapter and Business Division plan on hosting another tournament in the Spring Semester plans are to include a “family” division in addition to the “professional” division.