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EAC’s Media Communications Department adds a new radio class for this spring

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EAC’s Media Communications Department adds a new radio class for this spring

By Lori Dugan

Thatcher, AZ— Eastern Arizona College’s Media Communications department has added a new class, “Radio Theatre,” MDC297C, section #0502. The class will meet on Tuesday evenings from 6-9 p.m., in ITB-9.

The class will produce weekly radio theater dramas and comedies which will be broadcast on KJIK radio. Students will be able to keep copies of all the radio shows produced in the class. Students who have already taken the voice acting class will have the opportunity to record and edit the productions.

“We will focus more on voice acting and less on the technical side of production in this class,” explains class instructor and local radio station manager, Dan Curtis, “students will apply the skills and techniques they learned in ‘Recording Techniques for Voice Acting’ to audio drama productions.” Curtis’ other radio class, “Recording Techniques for Voice Acting,” MDC297B, section #0501, will also be offered and will meet on Mondays from 3-5:20 p.m., also in ITB-9.

“With the digital technology available, a voice actor can work from anywhere with a laptop computer, a microphone, and an Internet connection,” says Curtis.

The course will cover the design and equipment needs of a home studio and participants will practice techniques of voice acting to develop confidence in their voice acting abilities.

Both of these classes have been designed to fit well with students interested in the theatre arts and other communications based curricula.

For more information or to register, visit EAC or call us at 428-8270.