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EAC holds 9th annual Engineering Day

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EAC holds 9th annual Engineering Day

By Lori Dugan

Thatcher, AZ—Eastern Arizona College’s Engineering Department hosted its 9th annual Engineering Day late last month. The event was co-sponsored by Freeport McMoRan and the National Science Foundation and was attended by 65 high school students from Duncan, Morenci, Safford, and Thatcher high schools.

“The students were very competitive as usual,” said EAC engineering instructor and coordinator of the event, Dr. Jack Bailey. “Participation from several high schools was crucial in being able to present students with this opportunity to enjoy math, the sciences, and engineering.”

The popular Poor Surveyor competition uses the length of the students’ own stride to determine the area of a piece of land. The first place finisher in the contest was Raven Germaine, of Thatcher High School. The second place finisher in the Poor Surveyor competition was Josh McDugal, also of Thatcher High School.

The West Point Bridge Design contest gives the students pre-defined span length, materials, and costs and they are asked to design a stable, full-truss bridge at a minimum cost. The winners in this competition were DJ Burrell, of Duncan High School, in first place; and Alden Bruno, of Thatcher High School, in second place.

In the extremely challenging Brain Teaser Quiz, Nate McMaster, from Thatcher High School, finished in first place, and Tony Lunt, from Duncan High School, took second place.

In the team competition of Popsicle Bridge Building, the first place consisted of Treven O’Donnal, Robert Tillman, and Brenden Wilson, all from Thatcher High School. The second place team, from Thatcher High School, included Connor Christensen, Josh McDugal, Mittchell Fullenwilder and Grayson Bryce. “These were incredible entries – extremely strong and stiff bridges. They should be quite proud,” Bailey said. The overall first place individual winner was Raven Germaine from Thatcher High School. The overall second place individual winner was Connor Christensen, also from Thatcher High School.

“I have to publicly thank Tom Palmer, the surveying instructor, and his students, for their assistance setting up the Poor Surveyor course; and the members of EAC’s Engineering Club for their assistance during the event. Finally, I want to thank Freeport McMoRan for its outstanding financial and volunteer support. They have been a very key part of this event from its inception in 2005 to the present. Their overall support for our Engineering program has had a very positive impact, and I am very grateful,” said Bailey.

For information about next year’s EAC Engineering Day, call Bailey at (928) 428-8226.