EAC WWW Disclaimer

Recognizing the value of diversity and free speech, as well as the free-flowing nature of the Internet, EAC makes resources available to all segments of the college community but does not review, edit, or endorse all items accessible from these pages. Browsing our Web and the sites it links to is a little like strolling around the campus - at one point you may be in the Student Services Building; at another, in a dorm room or the dining hall; at yet another, in a classroom or the Alumni Library. No single location is representative of the entire College.

Keeping that in mind, home pages are not official statements of the College, and Eastern Arizona College is not responsible for the content of every page that you can reach from here. While College departments will make every effort to keep printed materials and Web content accurate, discrepancies may sometimes exist between printed and electronic information. In EAC’s case, the web version of the material should be considered the most up-to-date and official version. If you have questions about any EAC information that appears on the Web, please contact the originating department or the WWW Coordinator.