What is Anthropology?

Anthropology is the study of factors that influence human behavior, helping us understand the differences in how humans look and live. Anthropology is divided into four subfields: physical anthropology, the study of man as a biological entity; cultural/ethnology, the study of living cultures; archaeology, the study of past cultures; and linguistics, the study of language and language origins. Working in the field of anthropology requires a bachelor’s degree, and most often graduate study.


Anthropology Program at EAC

EAC’s Associate of Arts in Anthropology meets the requirements for the first two years of a four-year bachelor’s program at Arizona’s public, and many other, universities. You can transfer with junior status after building a strong academic foundation in small classes offered at an extremely affordable tuition cost. Most anthropology classes will transfer as social science credit but may also satisfy other requirements. You are encouraged to work closely with an academic adviser and consult the official transfer guide to ensure you are on the correct course to maximize course transferability.  

Anthropology Career Paths
Medial Anthropologist
Environmental Anthropologist
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Program Details
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Anthropology Associates of Arts (AA)
Preparation for transfer to a bachelor’s program.
4 full-time semesters
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