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Do you like to make others look and feel more attractive? Here's the program for you! We offer an affordable, high-quality cosmetology program. You can earn your cosmetology license and, if you choose, go on to earn your associates degree.

We provide a well-rounded education to help you pass the state licensing exam, and prepare you for a new career. You're invited to come visit and find out more.

- Nicole Lucas


Cosmetology students

Student Experience

A Cut Above

"I graduated with 1600 hours and passed the state board with no problem. Almost two years later I came back to get an extra 400 hours that some states require. I came back here because I knew I could learn more from the instructors and would feel comfortable asking questions. I've learned many skills to use in my future as a cosmetologist."

- Abby Hilton Gonzalez
Silver City, New Mexico


"A very fun and rewarding experience."

"I was ready to face the state board with confidence and now I'm a licensed cosmetologist. I have many great memories and will miss everyone there."

"The instructors gave me the guidance, confidence, and self assurance I needed to be successful."


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Salaries and Careers

A Beautiful Outlook for Jobs

Jobs for hairdressers, hairstylists, cosmetologists and nail technicians are expected to grow about 20% by 2018. There are wide range of opportunities, from basic haircutting and styling to the high-fashion worlds of modeling and entertainment.

Entry-level positions are usually not hard to find, but positions in the prestigious salons with higher pay are more competitive. Once you work hard at building a reliable clientele, cosmetology can be a secure career. Even during economic downturns, people continue to spend money on their appearance.


Depending on your skills and your clientele, you can earn $9 per hour to $700 per day as a cosmetologist!




The Cosmetology program provides students an opportunity to apply Cosmetology practices and principles in a simulated salon environment. Upon successful completion of the program, students will be eligible to take the Arizona State Board of Cosmetology Examination. Classes meet approximately eight hours a day, five days a week, with required Saturday’s each month depending on the Academy attending. The program takes approximately 10½ - 11 months in order to obtain the 1600 hours of training necessary to qualify for the state exam from the Arizona State Board of Cosmetology. Students can continue their education and complete an Associate of Applied Science degree by taking eighteen General Education credits and two elective credits.
Program Requirements

AAS Degree

    Suggested Semester Course Plan (AAS)

    Certificate of Proficiency

    Full-Time:  Fall  Spring  Summer

    Part-Time:  Fall/Spring Start

    Program Learning Outcomes - Certificate
    Program Learning Outcomes - AAS


    Cosmetology Instructor (Cert)
    Prepares you for entry-level employment as a cosmetology instructor. Emphasis is on classroom management, state rules and regulations, and course instruction. Classes meet to satisfy the 350 hours training necessary to qualify for the state licensing exam.
    Program Requirements
    Suggested Semester Course Plan - Cosmetology Instructor
    Suggested Semester Course Plan - Cosmetology Instructor Certificate of Proficiency
    Program Learning Outcomes


    Hairstylist (Cert)
    In a simulated salon environment, students perform shampoos, cuts, and styles for men and women to prepare for licensure as professional hairstylists. Students receive instruction in hair design theory and concepts, hair coloring, chemical applications and permanent reconstructions. Students learn customer service, shop management, equipment operation, health and safety, and applicable laws and regulations.
    Program Requirements

    Suggested Semester Course Plan - Certificate of Proficiency

    Full-Time:  Fall 

    Part-Time:  Fall  Spring  Summer 

    Program Learning Outcomes


    Nail Technician (Cert)
    Prepares you for an entry-level position as a nail technician. Emphasis is on basic nail care, manicuring, and hand and arm massage. Classes meet to satisfy the 600 hours training necessary to qualify for the state licensing exam.
    Program Requirements

    Suggested Semester Course Plan - Certificate of Proficiency

    Full-Time:  Spring 

    Part-Time:  Fall/Spring Start 

    Program Learning Outcomes


    Additionally, cosmetology refresher courses are available if you need additional hours to qualify for the Arizona State Board Licensing Exam, other state cosmetology boards, or just want to enhance your skills.



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