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Nature's Hideaway


Award Winning Restored Wetland

Nature's Hideaway at EAC’s Discovery Park Campus is a restored wetland. The restoration of this area was recognized at the National Wetlands Awards in Washington, D.C.   Within the habitat are plants and animals of all kinds.  Trails wind through this area allowing visitors to experience southeastern Arizona in its natural state.  Descriptive signage is strategically placed to highlight the habitat restoration efforts. Part of the area includes ephemeral (seasonal) ponds that fill with summer rains, or winter runoff from Mt. Graham.  These ponds are important to migrating water fowl.  A permanent pond on the southern tip of the Hideaway houses a bird blind and a fish-watching window for visitors to enjoy the residents of the area.


Newly Constructed Ranarium,

A ranarium, a frog raising enclosure, was built with the cooperation of the US Fish & Wildlife Service, the Arizona Department of Game and Fish, and the Boy Scouts of America. This special facility is designed to raise the Southern Chiricauhua Leopard Frog, a threatened and endangered species which appears to be doing very well in this protected environment. Also nearby, the Cottonwood Amphitheatre is used for classroom activities, Scout meetings, and school tours.

Students or teachers wanting to learn about the environment, ecology, or habitat restoration can set up habitat tours through the school tour coordinator. To make a reservation for a tour or activity, call (928) 428-6260.