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School & Special Tours

The EAC Discovery Park Campus hosts K-12 school students from local communities and surrounding areas. These science field trips give these children opportunities to learn and enjoy hands-on activities about astronomy and ecology. These activities are available at no cost to schools wishing to bring students to enjoy these wonderful educational experiences.

We think our exciting and interesting hand-on activities will help stimulate student interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), making them better science students as they advance in their education. Indeed, we know of successful engineers who were first inspired about science at our Discovery Park Campus.

School teachers and leaders from various groups may contact the Discovery Park Campus at (928) 428-6260 to make field trip reservations or receive preliminary examination tours through our facilities.  The astronomy tour takes students through the gallery exhibits, gives them a ride on the Shuttle Polaris, shows them the world’s largest camera obscura, and allows them to examine a research-grade, Cassegrain reflector, 20-inch telescope.  They will also receive grade-specific physics training on the properties of light and optics, part of our Hands-On-Optics curricula. The Habitat tour gives students the opportunity to learn about animal homes, animal tracks, tree rings, skulls and archaeology. Students will also enjoy looking at the inhabitants in our pond through a special view port. We have also completed a special rearing pond for the threatened and endangered Southern Chiricauhua Leopard Frog. See if you can spot Bertha and her one-eyed mate Freddie; they are the parents of our first locally grown population of these beautiful little frogs.

Boy Scout troops and Cub Scout packs are also welcome to visit the Discovery Park Campus for special tours and meetings using the habitat.

To make a reservation for a tour or activity, or to get additional information on our programs which get students excited about science, contact EAC’s Discovery Park Campus at (928) 428-6260 any afternoon between 1 and 5 p.m.