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Major Emphasis of Your Educational Program:

Transfer Degrees: AA (Associate of Arts), 
ABus (Associate of Business), 
AS (Associate of Science) or 
AGS (Associate of General Studies)
Occupational: AAS Degree (Associate of Applied Science Degree)
  Certificate of Completion (Occupational)
Other: Uncertain
  Not Seeking a Degree or Certification


Primary Subject Area of Interest:
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Transfer Degrees
Associate of Arts Degree (AA - Transfer Degree) or
Associate of Business Degree (ABus - Transfer Degree) or
Associate in General Studies (AGS - Transfer Degree) or
Associate of Science Degree (AS - Transfer Degree)
Associate of Applied Science Degrees (AAS - Occupational Degree)
Certificates of Proficiency (Occupational)
Other Choices (Not Eligible for Financial Aid)


Race/Ethnic Background:*


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Privacy Act of 1974)? 
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* Information you provide is voluntary and confidential and is used to comply with federal  reporting requirements and has no effect on your enrollment status.


Optional Course Selection

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Course selection for what semester or term (example: Spring 2000):

Course Title Dept. No. Section Credits Days Time


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for the applicable academic year in the college catalog.

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Eastern Arizona College welcomes qualified students without regard to sex, age, race, color, disability or 
national origin. EAC adheres to Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972. Eastern Arizona College is 
in full compliance with the Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act of 1990. See the College Catalog for 
crime statistics
. Contact Campus Security Officeer Bill Mulleneaux at (928) 428-8240 for more information.